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Terms of Service


This document sets forth the terms and conditions under which Gnymphs(.net and .com) herein after referred to as 'the site' and its owners herein after referred to as 'Gnymphs LLC' agree to provide access to our Adult member content herein after referred to as 'the service' . Gnymphs LLC reserves the right to vary, update or amend these terms of service as and when necessary or from time to time. These terms of service shall not be limited to those clauses set forth here but shall also include our 'Rules Of Conduct' which are detailed separately and any other statement of applicable rules for the site that may from time to time be published on the site.

1. Eligibility

The service is intended for use by adults only, members must be 18 years of age or older in order to access the service except where the legal age of majority may be higher in which case the member must have achieved the legal age of majority in his or her state or region, you must not join if adult content or communities are illegal in your state or region of residence, further a member must not show or allow to access the site any legal minor nor encourage such a person to join or access the site. In joining the site the member agrees to pay any and all appropriate fees for the service and is deemed to have asserted that he or she is of legal age to view adult content and further indemnifies Gnymphs LLC against any and all legal action including costs that may arise as a result of falsely asserting legal majority or ignorance of local restrictions on access to adult content via the internet.

2. Warranty and Refund

The service is provided 'as is' , no warranty or guarantee is made regarding the content or availability of the service at any time and no refunds will be made in respect of the member being unable to access the service due to maintenance activity or internet connection problems outside the control of Gnymphs LLC. All sales are final. Gnymphs LLC shall endeavor to provide the service at all times and to provide assistance where access problems occur however the member accepts that the service may be unavailable from time to time due to maintenance or network outage. This shall not affect the member's right to cancel his or her membership to the service which action shall be governed by the terms of service of the billing agent.

3. Jurisdiction

The member accepts that legal jurisdiction for any and all disputes that may arise from the use of the service shall be solely in the Court of Boston, Massachuessets

4. Copyright

All materials presented on the site are and remain the copyright property of Gnymphs LLC or are used with the permission of the copyright holder, members may not copy, reuse, or distribute text, images or other material presented on the site in whole or in part without the express permission of Gnymphs LLC, this includes but is not limited to any image, text, code or 3D object that is presented on the site.

5. Exclusion

Gnymphs LLC reserves the right to exclude any member from accessing the site or using the service either permanently or for a limited punitive period where Gnymphs LLC is satisfied that the member has breached the 'Rules Of Conduct' and further reserves the right to cancel or deny renewal of any or all membership to the service from any person who has breached the 'Rules Of Conduct' or these terms of service.

6. Disclaimer

Gnymphs LLC will not be held liable for any loss, damage or denial of service that may occur as a result of the installation or use of third party software, either supplied by the site or by a third party, the member hereby indemnifies Gnymphs LLC against any and all loss of data, information or any other damage to the member's system or person or property that may occur as a result of using the service.



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